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Jim and Tara here, the friendly faces behind Dreamer RV. We are super passionate about caravanning and all things travel. We’ve spent 3 years travelling this wonderful country of ours with our 3 boys and we know all too well the sleep problems that can come with caravan life!

Dreamer RV was born from a desire to help you get a great night’s sleep so you can make the most of every day on the road.

We first hit the road in 2016. We’d made the decision to travel for a year with our 2 young sons Bodhi and Hendrix – and 3 months later we were off. We figured why spend time planning, we might as well just get on with it right away! And we completely fell in love with caravan life – the freedom, the lifestyle, the escape from the usual stresses of life. We travelled for a year, until it was time to come back home and prepare to welcome our 3rd son Cohen into the world.

But…..after 12 months we got itchy feet again! So we upgraded to a bigger caravan, packed up the house (yet again!) and headed off in 2019 for what turned out to be a 2 year trip.

Much of this trip was spent in Western Australia, exploring the beautiful rugged coastline. When Covid hit, we were a long way from home. Camp sites would see our interstate number plates and just move us on, and we weren’t sure what we were going to do. Luckily we were travelling with some other families we’d met up with, and we were taken in on a sheep station near Carnarvon. It was amazing! They checked it out with the local council, closed the property to other tourists and took in 6 families, spread out across the property. It was just the best time, and we made lifelong friendships there.


A common talking point we found on our travels was everyone’s less than stellar caravan mattress! They just don’t make for a good night’s sleep, particularly when you’re used to your comfy bed at home! And you really need to sleep well at night to make the most of the amazing adventure you’re on.

We tried everything – buying standard mattress toppers and cutting them down to fit, sewing them, tucking them, trying to come up with a solution. It was when we decided to create our own tailor made solution that the ‘Wanderluxe’ Mattress Topper was born!


We’ve got big plans, and are already dreaming of our next trip! In the meantime we’ll be working on more caravan mattress topper variations – east-west, bunk beds, singles – so everyone can get a good night’s sleep!

Thank you for your ongoing support of our family run business, it means the world to us.
Safe and Comfy Travels,
Jim & Tara